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What happens when you put Singlish captions on Renaissance paintings?

  • What happens when you put Singlish captions on Renaissance paintings?
    Photo credit: Pat Law on Facebook

It’s December, and while 99% of your Facebook friends are posting resentment-inducing travel porn, social media agency Goodstuph‘s Pat Law is putting her trip to Strasbourg’s Palais Rohan to cuter use. While browsing old Renaissance paintings, her inner Singlish speaker was inspired to write some damn funny captions. Here are our faves.

1. Office life:

2. Economics 101:

3. Grocery shopping at the local Giant:

4. Hate-attending someone’s baby shower:


5. When life resembles a Channel 8 drama:


6. Ah boys to men:


7. Morning meetings:


8. Jio-ing your kakis:


9. Charming uncle with your cuteness:

– See more at: http://sg.asia-city.com/city-living/news/singlish-captions-renaissance-paintings-pat-law?platform=hootsuite#sthash.Uh9FaTK2.dpuf


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